Welcome to My Webpage!


Hi! I'm Eduardo Ventilari Sodré, a former undergraduate student of mathematics at the Mathematics and Statistics Institute of the University of São Paulo (IME-USP) and prospective graduate student.

For my undergraduate thesis, I studied Riemannian Geometry under Prof. Claudio Gorodski, following the FAPESP project 21/10816-4. You can check out the thesis here, but it is in portuguese.

The list of things I wish to learn more about is extensive. Topics include Riemann surfaces, holomorphic dynamics, ergodic theory, complex/symplectic/Kähler geometry, Teichmüller spaces, harmonic analysis, probability, integral geometry and mathematical physics. In general, I am deeply interested in geometrical and dynamical phenomena.

I was an organizer of the S4 student seminar group, which aims to present interesting topics and ideas in math to new undergraduate students. Here is a link to past seminars on Youtube.

Here are some of my writings on certain math subjects. Most of them are in portuguese, though.

You can find a copy of my CV, and also of my Lattes page. These may or may not be outdated.

I like softball, pool, music and going out for walks.

Personal links, opinions and assorted information. Here's hoping I don't take myself too seriously.

Page and layout still in construction. Last updated on 02/20/2023.