Eduardo Ventilari Sodré


Hi! I'm Eduardo. I'm a first year math Ph.D. student at Brown University. Previously I was an undergrad student at the Mathematics and Statistics Institute of the University of São Paulo (IME-USP).

I studied Riemannian Geometry for my undegraduate thesis under Prof. Claudio Gorodski, following the FAPESP project 21/10816-4.

I am currently interested in holomorphic dynamics, quasiconformal maps, Teichmüller spaces, differential geometry, gauge theory, ergodic theory and mathematical physics.

I am proud to have been an organizer of the S4 student seminar group at IME-USP, which aims to present interesting topics and ideas in math to new undergraduate students. Here is a link to some past seminars on Youtube.

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I like softball, pool, metal, cycling and going out for walks.

Office: Room 011, Kassar House

Email: eduardo_ventilari_sodre[at]brown[dot]edu

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